How it All Began

In December of 2003, Jennifer hit rock bottom, spiritually and emotionally. That month God started her on an incredible healing journey.

Seeds have been planted along the way, and much healing and discernment has taken place for many of those on the board of directors for Freedom House.

In February of 2015, Jennifer felt a prompting to share her dream of helping women out of trafficking learn a trade. She asked God what her word was for the year. She heard, “freedom”.

God continued to place the desire to help these girls on many hearts in the community. Jennifer thought maybe it was to be a house in Pella (name means a safe refuge)? At this point she shared the dream God had given her with her husband and a few friends, and they continued to pray.

Since then Freedom House has formed their Board of Directors, obtained non-profit status, and are fundraising in the community. Freedom House is currently looking for an older home with character, beauty, open floor plan on the main floor, lots of bedrooms, attic, private backyard (flowers/garden), and of course a porch swing!

The board of directors believes that prayer is the foundation to this ministry. “His ways are higher than ours and we are excited to see what adventure He continues to share with us.”