Please pray for:

  • We are hiring, so please pray that God will raise up the workers He has for the house.
  • Pray for the House Moms and the Social Worker that we have hired. Pray for protection, wisdom, and that God would anoint them as they work with the first girl.
  • Please pray for this girl and the other girl(s) hearts that will be coming to the house. Pray that God puts a strong desire for healing and wholeness in them.
  • Please pray for clear direction and unity among the Board. Pray that we would work well together and that the enemy would be bound and kept far from our group and families.
  • Pray for all the girls that will live at the Freedom House and that the House will be filled with the Holy Spirit’s healing, joy, and peace.
  • Pray for the ability to recognize every miracle God has in store for this House